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Comprehensive Skin Cancer Services in South Tampa

Whether it’s that time of year again or you have a worrying mole, our highly-skilled dermatologists can put your mind at ease and figure out what’s going on.

We offer complete skin cancer services, from mole checks to mole mapping. Nothing gets missed by our hawk-eyed dermatologists!

Skin Cancer Screening and Treatment in Tampa Florida
Skin Cancer Services in Tampa & Brandon FL

Early Skin Cancer Detection Saves Lives

Our skin cancer clinics in Tampa offer skin cancer screenings for people who understand the importance of early detection, DermTech biopsies and traditional skin biopsies. If your family has a history of skin cancer, we’re always available to ease your concerns and can schedule in annual screenings to ensure that you remain on top of your skin’s health.

What Types of Biopsies Do You Offer?

How skin biopsies are performed has changed significantly in recent years. Our clinics are now able to offer DermTech, a first-step alternative to a surgical skin biopsy. With DermTech, there is no need for a surgeon to remove tissue from your skin for further examination. Instead, a sticker is placed onto the surface of your skin and is then removed, taking the necessary skin cells with it.

On occasions when DermTech is not suitable for your type of mole or growth, our doctors will advise on a biopsy treatment that is most effective for you.

As a veteran-owned, family-run dermatology clinic, we’re dedicated to keeping your whole family’s skin healthy.

What are the Benefits of DermTech?

DermTech technology allows our doctors to work more quickly in examining your mole or growth and allows for patients to experience as little discomfort as possible in the process. DermTech has the ability to provide revolutionary results for the early detection of skin cancer and we’re delighted to be able to provide it at our clinics.

DermTech doesn’t replace regular biopsies (which have also improved significantly in recent years), it just provides an alternative first step for the examination of moles or growth that might not require any further action.

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